A New Era of Cuba Travel

We believe that travel can be a force for good in the world. Nowhere is this more true than in Cuba. But the requirements imposed on U.S. travelers have made visiting the island complicated by necessitating connections to local service providers that simply aren’t accessible to the average first time visitor.

This has meant U.S. travel has been dominated by large tour operators and specialized “everything included” programs. And although most of them are great, they foster a system that actually discourages Cuba travel. By increasing the overall cost of Cuba travel, the number of travelers and the potential of U.S. travel’s benefits on the island are decreased.

However, the recent boom in internet access in Cuba has made it possible for anyone to directly connect with the island’s local private enterprise community to book hotels, plan activities, and make any other necessary arrangements, in accordance with the latest travel restrictions. This puts legal travel within reach for millions of Americans at a much lower cost, and represents a potentially huge benefit to Cuba’s fledgeling private sector.

We aim to help U.S. travelers connect directly with Cubans and make this new era of Cuba travel a reality.

Our Principles:

  • Let travelers choose the tools that fit their needs best.
  • Help travelers jump over barriers of traditional gatekeepers (tour companies and the internet at large) that limit access to information.
  • Keep things simple by using tools that already exists (like Google Maps and PDFs)—don’t make travelers download another app, create a new login/password, etc.
  • Whenever possible, guide travelers toward planning that supports and strengthens the local communities and economies in which they are traveling.


Support Independent Travel to Cuba by U.S. Citizens

Our custom itineraries are crafted to exceed the expectations of our clients while following the guidelines of U.S. travel to Cuba. We provide the tools and resources for travelers to make any necessary bookings to ensure that their trip meets the requirements for Support for the Cuban People, or any of the other sanctioned categories of travel.

Support Cuba’s Local Economy Through Private Enterprise

Our itineraries and resources connect our clients to the nascent private sector in Cuba. By booking services directly through local providers, travelers maximize the positive impact of tourism on the local economy and serve as meaningful participants in the growth and sustenance of this extremely important sector of Cuban society.

Support Cuba’s Artist and Creative Community

Cuba’s artistic and creative community is one of its greatest assets. Our our itineraries encourage travelers to engage directly with Cuban artists through galleries, museums, live performances, and other cultural activities.


CAYOS Travel was founded by a team of Cuban and U.S. travelers who have lived in, worked in, and explored Cuba for more than 20 years. Over this time, thanks to the many connections made through friendships, work partnerships, and pure happenstance, CAYOS Travel grew from a common interest in providing a new approach to Cuba travel, with an emphasis on independence, local knowledge, and direct support for local economies and communities.


Our team consists of a fully remote network of veteran travel professionals spanning the U.S. and Cuba. We obsessively curate and update our resources constantly, so they are always fresh and accurate. As travel experts, our team maintains one foot inside the tourism world and one foot outside, which allows us to provide granular, hyper-local insights while being aware of the ways that tourists and tourism shape and interact with Cubans in Cuba, and advise travelers accordingly.

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