U.S.→Cuba Trip Planning

Legal, Modifiable Itineraries. Digital Guides. Expert Advice.

Offline Maps

Our maps gather our top places for food/drink, offbeat corners, architecture, music/dance, Hemingway spots, and even touristy places. Pins save offline so you can navigate without internet during your trip.

Digital Guides

Insider tips, booking contacts, and maps that allow you to peruse options and add favorites into your plan. Choose from food/drink, tours/experiences, city/region guides, kid-friendly trips, and more.

Draft Itineraries

Everything you need to plan an unforgettable “Support for the Cuban People” trip. Complete a questionnaire and get a ready-to-use plan with editable blocks and options for booking lodging, guides, transportation and more.

Phone Chat

Schedule a 30 minute chat with a Cuba travel expert! We’ll give an overview of the process, walk you through options, answer questions, and send a follow-up email with notes and links from the conversation.

The Works

Let a member of our team lead you through the planning process and create a legal and expertly curated itinerary. We’ll provide you with info and context you need to make bookings that fit your travel style and budget.

How To Go To Cuba:

( The Short Answer )

1. Buy Flights Online
2. Purchase a Visa a.k.a. Tourist Card
3. Create an Itinerary
4. Go to Cuba!
5. Save your Records

WHY Plan Your Own Trip?

Authentic Experiences

Cuba tours end up going to the same places that cater to the needs of “educational” group tours and end up cultivating a cottage industry of “authentic” experiences that are not always the most representative of the real Cuba. Creating your own itinerary, with the help of insiders like us, allows you to explore on and off “the beaten path” as much as you want.

100% Legal

Yes, the rules are complicated, but tour companies encourage the idea that it’s too complex and legally tricky to plan an independent trip (that’s how they get business). It’s not true. Planning a trip under the “Support for the Cuban People” category is completely legal and doable without overpaying for a packaged tour.

Save Money

Cuba tour companies charge huge sums to travelers for accommodations, transportation, tours, and other amenities that can easily be booked directly, without a middle man. To do it, you just need to know where to go to find the right info, and luckily, you found us!

Personalized Plans

Cuba has such a rich and interesting variety of things to see and do, from history and politics, to nature and agriculture, to arts and culture. Planning a trip that fits your unique interests is a great way to create an entry point into a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cuba.

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