breakfast spread at a casa particular in Havana Cuba

Havana’s Cafés and Breakfast Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Havana has lots of great paladares—private restaurants—where visitors can explore the delicious flavors of Cuban cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, you’ll definitely want to include them on your itinerary. 

But many of them aren’t open in the morning, so what is a traveler to do about breakfast? Most accommodations do offer breakfast, but if you’re looking to explore further afield, there are a growing number of options to try. 

In this guide, we share everything there is to know about breakfast in Havana and highlight our favorite places where you can get a delicious coffee and a tasty Cuban breakfast. 

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Still #1: Breakfast at Your Casa Particular

First, for all of you who are big breakfast people: the breakfast offered by your hosts at your hotel or casa particular will likely be the biggest and best breakfast you’ll find. It may be pretty straightforward, but it will be plentiful, fresh, and delicious. They’ll usually have a set price for breakfast and it typically includes a hearty spread of eggs, bread, tropical fruits, cheese, ham, and freshly brewed coffee, offering a taste of authentic Cuban home cooking. 

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Eating Out for Breakfast

If you get tired of the same breakfast spread, there’s an expanding list of options in Havana thanks to the growth of private enterprises in Cuba. Try finding a place that is within walking distance from your accommodations or one that is close to the first scheduled activity after breakfast your the itinerary. 

If you’re staying in Old Havana, or headed there first thing in the morning, you’ll have lots of choices—which you can find on our Breakfast Spots and Cafés map—that are easily walkable in a few minutes. Outside of Old Havana things are more spread out, so you may have a longer walk, but consider this valuable exploration time—Havana’s streets are full of interesting sights and sounds.

To help get your plan started,  are some of our favorite spots, in no particular order, for a great breakfast in Havana. 


open air rooftop dining area at Manteca in Tribe Caribe hotel in Havana Cuba

Located on the stunning rooftop of the Tribe Caribe boutique hotel, the menu at Manteca features Cuban-style omelets, pancakes, fresh fruit platters, and specialty coffee blends. For a quick coffee and a pastry, check out their Tribe Café on the street level of the hotel.

El Café 

Of all the breakfast spots in Havana, El Café feels the most like a classic coffee shop. With a variety of breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and freshly brewed Cuban coffee, it’s perfect for a quick and satisfying morning meal. Its location just off of Plaza de Cristo in the center of Old Havana makes it a great starting point for a day of exploring the historic district. 

El Dandy

Street view of El Dandy Bar and Cafe

El Dandy offers a traditional Cuban breakfast with options like eggs, black beans, rice, plantains, and fresh tropical fruits. Located at a bustling corner of Plaza de Cristo across the street from the popular privately owned design shop Clandestina and around the corner from El Café, it has a fun atmosphere and is a great spot for people watching.

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BAHIA Rooftop 

BAHIA Rooftop offers a picturesque breakfast with stunning views of the bay, situated on the rooftop of Loft Habana boutique hotel. The menu features continental breakfast options, including pastries, fruits, cereals, and freshly squeezed juices.


Fangio at the Claxon Hotel Boutique serves a classic Cuban breakfast buffet with an array of hot and cold dishes, including eggs, meats, cheeses, pastries, and tropical fruits, perfect for a leisurely morning meal.


AMA, which doubles as a clothing shop, offers a fusion of Cuban and international breakfast options, such as avocado toast, eggs Benedict, and Cuban-style breakfast bowls, as well as freshly squeezed juices and artisanal coffee. Conveniently located near the bustling area of La Rampa, it’s one of our favorite spots in low-key Vedado

Por Un Café 

Por Un Café offers a cozy breakfast experience with Cuban-style coffee, pastries, and light breakfast fare like toast, croissants, and yogurt parfait.

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Café Miel 

Café Miel’s breakfast offerings include the sweet and the savory, featuring honey-infused pastries, French toast, fresh fruit smoothies, and a variety of specialty coffees.


Eclectico, the in-house restaurant at Paseo 206 boutique hotel, offers a sophisticated breakfast menu with gourmet options like smoked salmon bagels, artisanal cheeses, and organic yogurt parfait, complemented by freshly brewed Cuban coffee.

HAV Coffee & Art 

HAV Coffee & Art is another spot designed for coffee shop lovers, offering a curated breakfast menu featuring Cuban-inspired pastries, artisanal coffee blends, and a gallery of local artwork to enjoy while you dine. It’s also directly below one of our favorite boutique hotels in Havana, AS Boutique Residence.

Color Cafe and Jacqueline Fumero Café

Both located in the touristy section of Old Havana where some food options are less than stellar, Color Café and Café del Angel are great options to stop at as you explore on foot. 

Get the Map

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