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Support for the Cuban People

We create unique itineraries that meet the guidelines for Support for the Cuban People.

We promote engagement with the Cuban artistic and creative community and direct support for Cuban private enterprise.

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Free Phone Support

Schedule a chat to receive advice, insider tips, and answers to all of your questions. Complete a survey ahead of the call and receive a follow-up email with notes and links.

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Offline Maps

Sharable maps to guide your pre-trip planning that seamlessly load in the Google Maps app for easy, on-the-ground offline navigation.

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Digital Guide

Insider tips, booking links, and maps for you to peruse and incorporate into your plan. Choose a focus—food, history, cars, nature, art…—and dive into Cuba through the prism of your unique interests. Learn more…

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Custom Itineraries

Complete a quick survey to receive a completely customized plan based on your needs. Includes guidance for booking lodging, activities, transport, and meals—all under “Support for the Cuban People” travel.

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Draft Itinerary

An easy to follow plan that meets the “Support for the Cuban People” requirements. With step by step guidance, booking options (with links) and nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout. Learn more…

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Trip Planner

We’ll save you time and money by guiding you through the process to secure flights, visa, lodging, and anything else you need. The result: an expertly curated, legal itinerary, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

Offline Map Collections

Plan your upcoming trip or navigate in-country with our meticulously curated Google map collections. Choose between over 15 categories and we’ll send links with instructions for offline use.

Cuban Private Enterprise Guide

Plan your trip by directly connecting to local businesses and services. Featuring restaurants, shops, transportation, bike rentals, travel planners, farms, nightlife, and more. All directly supporting Cubans in compliance with U.S. travel rules.

Why Plan Your Own Trip?

Unique Experience

Independent travel ensures a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable trip. Creating your own itinerary allows you to explore on or off “the beaten path” as much as you want.

100% Legal

The U.S. travel rules only authorize certain types of activities, but planning a “Support for the Cuban People” trip is completely legal, without a packaged tour.

Save Money

Cuba tours can get expensive. Save money by booking accommodations, transportation, guides, and other amenities directly using our resources.

Support Locals

By engaging directly with Cuba’s budding entrepreneur community, you maximize the positive effects of travel on the local economy.

Guides and Articles


With 20 years of Cuba travel experience, our team can answer any question and point you to the best resources available based on your needs.

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